Notice of

Scholarships available


CSB Homes is pleased to offer a $3,000 scholarship to a young adult pursuing a career in Carpentry, Construction Management, Architecture or Engineering. The Scholarship is designed to incentivise a student to perform to their best ability in obtaining carpentry skills that are specialised and well sought after in the industry.


The Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student in their penultimate or final year of an accreditedCarpentry, Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Management course, selected at the discretion of the CSB Homes Committee.

The Scholarship may be renewed for a maximum of four academic years, or until the recipient graduates from their course; provided that:

  • The recipient continues as full-time students in the course.
  • The recipient’s academic transcript meets our standards.
  • At the conclusion of each academic year, the recipients provide to the CSB Homes Committee a letter from the dean of the degree program confirming that the recipient is a candidate in good standing.




To apply, please complete the form and send it along with a copy of your current academic transcript to:

CSB Homes,

PO Box 110,

Hoxton Park NSW 2171.