Designing your custom home

Before we begin the design process, we like to take the time to listen to your design requirements and budget.
This gives us a better idea of how we can guide you towards the best options available and ensures there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Client brief

House Type


Building Contracts

Establishing your detailed expectations for your custom built home.

To start the process, we will show you some of our house designs, and this is where our custom built approach starts to come to life. Together we make changes to these designs, new ideas are incorporated or we begin drafting a totally unique idea. Working closely with you to ensure that the design will meet all the aspects of your brief.

When you are 100% happy with the layout and design of your new home, we will provide you with a tender tailoring the inclusions to your specifications, referencing everything that you want. If you are happy with our tender we then ask you to enter into a preliminary agreement.

After having signed the preliminary agreement, work commences on preparing your final detailed working drawings. When finalised, we will ask you to enter into a building contract. As the contract documents can be quite daunting, we encourage you to approach our friendly team with any questions you may have about the documents or the building process.