Construction of your custom built home

Construction is often the most exciting part of building your home, as the design you have worked so hard to create begins taking shape. At this point, you will meet your Construction Supervisor who will personally oversee the construction of your home – you will have direct access to your supervisor throughout the entire process who will ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of your home.








Construction Start – Once we have received all statutory approvals and all Contract conditions are satisfied, including your Bank loan approval, construction works are scheduled to commence.

Raft Concrete Slab - After our surveyor plots the house on your block, our concreter works to dig & pour the piers, dig the foundations, prepare the formwork and pour the concrete for your slab. You will see the footprint of your home for the first time.

Frames – After a short period of settling of the slab our carpenters attend to erect our above standard quality timber frames and roof trusses.

Brickwork & Roof Tiles – Your home really starts to take its shape as the external walls are enclosed with the completion of the brickwork. Once the roof tiles are installed, the shell of your home is complete.

Colour selections – Now it is time to turn our attention to the internal design of your home. We call this stage your PART B Colour Selection. This is where you will determine your electrical layout and make your internal colour and finishes selections. We consider this stage to be a special one, and we care about the effort you put  into making your selections, so we walk you through the internal design process, taking the time to explain all the elements you need to consider in making your selections. Our extensive colour selection pack includes everything you need to help you finalise your selections.

Internal Lining & Fix out - Only after all the precision work of straightening and reinforcing the timber frames has satisfactorily passed our test of quality will the plasterboard lining be installed. It is during this stage that the defining quality that sets us apart from other builders is revealed, as the precision beneath the plasterboard translates to perfection on the outside. With the installation of the skirtings, architraves and doors it is here where you will begin to appreciate the quality of your CSB Home.

Practical Completion – At this stage you will see the completion of painting, tiling, cupboards, toilets, vanities, plumbing and electrical fittings along with all other contracted construction work. To make sure that everything meets and exceeds your expectations, you will be invited by your construction supervisor to carry out an inspection walkthrough of your completed home together.