Knock Down Rebuilds – Start Fresh

If your home is looking dated, but you like the area where you live, what do you do?

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) research shows that it is cheaper per square metre to knockdown and re-build (KDR) than renovating. It is important to note that a KDR means everything is brand new from the bottom up.

With CSB Homes you can have your custom designed, brand-new high-quality home right where you are now, in the area that you know and love. One of the many reasons home owners decide to do a KDR is because they want to avoid starting fresh in a different area, still having their current neighbours, shops, clubs and schools all within proximity.

Starting fresh means that your house can be equipped with modern technology to help you save money long term. Our quality homes come with energy and water efficient appliances, gaining the CSB Homes quality assurance stamp of approval. When you knock down and re-build on your current site there is no stamp duty to be paid, plus you save money on real estate commissions and property transfer duty.

Our experienced KDR team have been involved in KDR construction for may years, specialising in demolition of the old home, negotiating with different councils for approvals, design and construction through to the magic moment when you are presented with the keys to your new CSB Home.

Our process

Step 1: Property inspection

First we will send our experienced demolition representative to visit your property to inspect the premises and advise you on the possible implications we may encounter. We look for information such as any previous tests and reports that have been taken on your land and then discuss any further reports that we may need to consider if required.

Step 2: Budget

Focusing on the needs of your budget will help you choose an architecturally designed home that fits within your constraints but still provides satisfaction throughout the whole process, right to completion. We adjust our home options that are appropriate for your land and council development constraints.

Step 3: Demolition

Once a budget is set, we then guide you through the quotation and discuss any implications.

When you are satisfied with the quotation, you will then be asked to pay an acceptance deposit, after which you will be on your way to plan preparation and colour selections. After the building plans are approved by council, the demolition will take place and then construction will begin!

Part 1

Step 2

Step 3

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