Our History

Brothers and founders of CSB Homes, Carlo and Sandro Beretta, came to Australia from Italy in the 1980s bringing with them many years of construction experience and expertise. Initially starting in the commercial construction industry, the brothers worked for several large international companies specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced building components, such as curtain wall window systems designed to enclose the external structures of new high-rise developments. After only two years in Australia, Carlo and Sandro independently won contracts for the installation of these window systems on projects including Telecom Plaza, Quay West residential apartments in Circular Quay, the former ATO Bankstown and Wollongong University.

The brothers soon became known for their exceptional workmanship and fine eye for detail. With the deceleration of the commercial construction industry in the early 1990s, the brothers moved into the residential construction industry in Sydney. For the following 10 years, they devoted themselves to building relationships with highly skilled tradesmen, quality product suppliers and local property developers. By the early 1990s they were ready to start their own company, successfully obtaining their building licence in 1994.

As licensed builders, the brothers quickly established an excellent reputation as CSB Homes, focusing on the construction of completed speculative homes and building up to 50 homes per year. They later moved into the specialised area of custom-built homes, offering clients the flexibility of designing and constructing homes on their own land, building challenging designs with impressive results.

The brothers were joined by Alex, Carlo’s son, who started working for the family business as a young teenager during the school holidays and then went on to complete his apprenticeship with CSB Homes. Having grown up on job sites, Alex learned first-hand from both his father and uncle the importance of quality workmanship and doing the job right the first time.

As a result of several years of experience and dedication, Alex has developed a solid knowledge of the building process based upon the fundamental CSB Homes principles of quality of construction. Alex then went on to manage the myriad of elements of project supervising and the co-ordination of trades.

In 2004, Alex officially joined CSB Homes as a construction supervisor. Alex then went on to complete his construction qualifications and later obtained his own builders licence. Alex is now very involved in the operational and strategic development of CSB Homes.

With Carlo and Sandro leading the team, we are constantly developing and refining the personalised approach that has driven the growth of CSB Homes. The result is a CSB Homes business with greater capabilities, yet the same principles of service, design, quality and value that Carlo and Sandro held dear all those years ago when they first started out as a custom home builder in Sydney.

As builders, our team have come a long way, but our values have remained the same throughout our journey. We maintain a work culture and ethic that allow us to create dream homes for our customers.