Investors – Making wise choices

Building an investment property does not have to be a daunting task. With the help of CSB Homes it can be a lot easier than you think, and may expose you to many other benefits along the way!

CSB Homes can guide you through the whole process, providing you with leading industry advice, giving you access to reliable suppliers and allocating different house and land packages to help cater for your budget and requirements as a property investor.

CSB Homes has developed a variety of packages for new homes, whether it be single or double storey, custom built or a combination of house and land packages. We will show you some of our go-to house design plans, and this is where our custom built approach starts to come to life. Together we make changes to these designs, new ideas are incorporated or we begin drafting a totally unique idea. We work closely with you to ensure that the design meets all the aspects of your brief.


For investors, location can mean everything. We know the areas that are going to give you the best financial outcome for both short and long-term investments. Taking note of suburbs that have great access to public transport, shopping centres, schools and work environments is going to make a tremendous difference in the success of your investment. We’ve compiled a list of up-and-coming hubs within the Southwest Sydney region which are set to be an investor’s dream. Read about them here.

Once you have secured your land, taking the design into consideration is going to put you above the rest and secure its long-term success. Our colour consultants can provide you with a range of choices to select from, allowing you to select the options that are best suited for an investment property. Regardless of what or where you are building, using the wrong colours or design features can be a real deal breaker. The golden rule is to keep it safe and simple by sticking to a neutral palette of colours. This is relevant in particular when it comes to buying an investment property and selecting the right colours, finishes and style you want to achieve, as you generally have no idea who is going to be buying or renting your investment property.

This does not mean that the design needs have to be boring! You can create a sophisticated simple look, but still have that neutral property with cool textures and subtle patterns to help attract the buyer or your tenant to make them feel at home.

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