Behind The Build is built on the following essential pillars:

Excellence, Value, Quality, Workmanship, Transparency, Flexibility, Features and People.                       

It is our commitment to each of these pillars that ensures the homes we build  will stand the test of time.

While most home builders focus on the look of a new home, at CSB Homes it’s more than that. We stake our reputation on the quality of our build, quality that starts from the foundations up. Supported by our It’s Personal approach, we are proud to launch our Behind the Build initiative.

This initiative is designed to take you on a journey to the other side of the wall linings to reveal the elements of our build that set the framework for precision and validate our claim of quality construction since 1994. 

At CSB Homes we believe trust plays a fundamental role in ensuring a successful client-builder relationship. Behind the Build has been designed to showcase the elements of our business that set us apart, allowing clients to enter into the construction of their new homes with confidence.

  • With a background of European training and workmanship and an inherent fine eye for detail, the ethos of Excellence is key to the development and skillset of our staff and trades.
  • Our Excellence is fostered by years of experience, which promote a level of design and craftsmanship that is responsible for CSB Homes’ commitment to our “near enough is not good enough” attitude.
  • The expectations that our specific methods of construction are adopted by all trades and staff on site plays a fundamental role in ensuring Excellence across the houses we build.
  • As a HIA member for over 28 years with a proud commitment to quality, you can rest assured that CSB Homes will strive to deliver Excellence across all aspects of your build.

The long-term value of any new home goes beyond the cost of its construction and should be measured by:

  • the longevity and durability of the home;
  • the quality that is felt when you simply walk into your home or when your visitors compliment the differences with their build;
  • The flexibility in the design of your home and the way it caters for your specific needs and lifestyle; and
  • the future resale value when you are ready to move as your lifestyle needs change.

These features are commonly only appreciated after handover, so we appreciate the difficulty for a prospective buyer to understand the true value of the home and the builder that they will choose. Our Behind the Build initiative is designed to remove the smoke and mirrors and provide a platform for prospective clients to appreciate the components of the home that increase its value.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do at CSB Homes. Our approach is simple: ensure that the work is completed properly the first time. We achieve this by:

  • Investing more time and resources into the pre-linings stage of construction, which is fundamental to achieving a high-quality finish of a home.
  • In-house trained carpentry and frame straightening crews that ensure greater control over the quality of construction by providing a uniform substructure to accommodate seamless wall and ceiling linings.
  • Packing and levelling windows prior to brickwork commencement.
  • The top of our ground floor frames being levelled using packers. This ensures that the ceiling linings are not impacted by tolerances in the level of the concrete slab, giving a straighter finish to the ceiling linings.
  • Cutting and welding our structural steel on site to provide a more robust structure and achieve millimetre perfect results every time.
  • Mechanically fixing all wall frame bottom plates to the concrete slab using sleeve anchors.
  • Our Internal Quality Assurance Team being meticulous when identifying and attending to defects prior to you moving into your new home, ensuring minimal maintenance items left outstanding post-handover.

Transparency is vital to ensuring a successful client-builder relationship.
Hidden costs that can arise throughout construction place additional financial burden on clients and strain this relationship.

We try hard to be honest and upfront about the costs involved in construction. Rather than ‘fixing’ the price of our contracts, we encourage the inclusion of allowances for the costs that cannot be quantified until after construction commences (i.e. site costs). This provides clarity prior to entering into a building contract of the possible additional costs that may come up during the build.

Our transparent approach ensures that our clients only pay for the actual works required on their site, rather than overpaying for contingencies within fixed price contracts. The amount of any unused allowances are refunded to our clients.


The construction of a new home is a unique experience and, as such, the process should take into account the unique characteristics of each site and accommodate each individual’s lifestyle needs.

The below factors all play a part in a home’s design:

  • site limitations;
  • developer requirements;
  • site costs;
  • individual design needs; and
  • upgraded inclusions and features.

To ensure the design has taken all of these factors into account, we provide our clients with a complimentary consultation with our in-house designer prior to finalising construction plans. This allows us to work together with you to personalise your home to best suit your site conditions and needs.

Providing this flexibility prior to construction commencing aligns clients’ expectations of their build with the quality of their completed home.


It is vital that the quality that goes on Behind The Build is complemented by the features of the finished home.

The standard CSB Homes inclusions offer features that enhance the overall value of the homes we build:

  • Panel lift garage door with remote control.
  • A wide range of bricks, roofing, tiling, cabinetry and paint from leading suppliers.
  • Polytec laminate kitchen cabinetry installed on top of floor tiling.
  • Garage slabs that are the same thickness as the main house slab.
  • Brickwork and T-Bar construction above garage door openings.
  • 90mm termite treated timber frames.
  • Cut and welded in-situ structural steel (where required).
  • FlickGuard Termite Treatment with 50 year warranty.

The degree of skill with which a job is done is completed is vital to ensuring the construction of a well-built home. But how is this level of skill identified by a first home buyer?

The Behind the Build experience showcases the robust systems in place that ensure:

  • the excellence of our trades;
  • realistic project timelines
  • relentless attention to detail of our supervisors; and
  • a focused, professional approach to absolutely everything, starting from maintaining a clean work site throughout construction.

As a family owned and operated business for over 28 years, the CSB Homes founders have been able to extend their extensive years of experience, family values and work ethic throughout their team.

This approach to business ensures that a member of our family is involved in each and every one of our builds, working to achieve a level of quality construction that is second to none and to ensure the CSB Homes legacy is continued.




Before deciding on who you will chose as your home builder, take part in our Behind the Build initiative. This initiative is open to home buyers who value the quality of the home they want to build and are serious about building.

We provide prospective clients the opportunity to inspect one of our homes currently in construction. During this inspection, clients will witness first and the elements of our Builds that happen Behind the walls, floors and ceilings, and how they contribute to the quality of the houses we build.

Once you have witnessed the Behind the Build difference, you can be confident that the same level of professionalism, attention to detail, quality and care will be used in building your home, so the decision to build with CSB homes will be an easy one.

To secure your Behind the Build experience, please contact one of our sales staff who will book a time for you to attend a home in construction with a member of our construction team.*


*Term and conditions apply.