You personalise it!

CSB Homes is not only a company dedicated to achieving the best services we can provide to our customers, we are a company who deliver with extreme quality.

Whether it be a first home buyer or property investor with prior home building experience, we pride ourselves on making dream homes a reality. We cater to many possibilities in our house and land packages and custom homes which allows us to strive in bringing our client’s vision to life, all at a price that suits any budget.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We have satisfaction in offering the best advice on how to maximise the results of custom homes for each individual. We take every new home with a fresh approach, supported by relevant industry expertise.

CSB Homes has few limitations when it comes to customised homes. Situations such as your sewer location can be in effect, as well as mine subsidence, easements located on the land, site conditions, land levels and many more. We try to customise your designs to not only fit onto your land size but to also suit the conditions mentioned, so that your local council can inspect and give approval for the next stage – construction.

We have a variety of options and alterations available for your home. Understanding that budget is commonly a leading influence for most first-time home owners, we are happy to sit down and work out your priorities. Customisation can sometimes have expensive elements, which are based on the conditions previously mentioned as well as additional costs such as electricity, council and government rates, and services outside typical construction costs (such as dirt removal) that we try to be conscious of. We offer advice on industry systems such as installing solar or government regulations to minimise additional costs and to maximize the utility of your land. We also take into account any long-term costs that should be considered during the early planning stages, such as having proper lighting and ventilation to minimise costs over the harsher seasons of Australia.