Special Alert! Is your Land Registering Soon?

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You’ve deposited on your unregistered block of land to build a home you’ve always dreamt about. Most new land owners don’t realise you don’t have to be registered to get started with building that dream home. There is much you can prepare for while you wait for registration.

It is important to know if the land is being registered soon, say in the next six months, the property will be settled before you know it and you will have to start paying interest. In fact, you could be paying interest on your new land as well as paying for your current residence. That’s why CSB Homes want to help you get the ball rolling on plans for your new home while you wait for your land to settle.

Rather than waiting until the last moment, there are a number of things to consider and get started on now. Taking initiative and getting the process under way such as choosing the home design you want to build, we can save you time and money.

If you have recently purchased land, please have a chat with us about how to get a head start on making your dream home a reality. Call us on (02) 9608 3333.